Sebastian, The Art Journey and Art!!!!

Welcome to The Art Journey! My name is Sabrina Fajardo. I am a graphic designer (known as The Brand Artisan) and artist. I have been creating designs and brands for 25 years, but my roots and true love is in art, that has accompanied me before I even spoke. I am so happy to begin this new venture through this store and share what I most love doing, art and illustrations, with others. 
I am also the mother of 3 children. The two oldest are two amazing and loving girls and the third and youngest is my son Sebastian. Sebastian  is autistic (what they used to call Asperger's Syndrome). Although, being autistic brings a lot of challenges at many levels, he has also brought uniqueness, fun, creativity and SO many lessons. Not only the lessons of being a mother, a mother of an autistic child, but lessons about who I am and why I am. People with autism are highly sensitive people, just like artists, they feel and are aware of things that what we call "normal" people have shut down. Colors, sounds, touch, vibration at many levels...can be very overwhelming, yet amazing!
Through this JOURNEY and sharing my illustrations, I want to be able to first provide for my son's therapies and treatments so he can enjoy his gifts with less overwhelm, be able to share them with others and develop his creative abilities (drawing, animation, video...) and share with other autistic people and families. I understand how difficult it can be! I am currently looking for the right organization that helps the autism community and will be soon donating a percentage of the proceeds to that.  

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