About Us

Hello and welcome to our page! 

My name is Sabrina and I hope you enjoy my art! 

I am a graphic designer and artist. I have been creating designs and brands for around 25 years, many of these working for companies here in the US and before in Colombia, country where I grew up and went to the Art and Design school. To tell you the truth, I love design, but I love art and illustration much, much more.

I have always wanted to create things with my art. For many years I thought about tons of ideas which I never moved forward into developing. Work, family, challenges always got in the way. 

My dream with this store is to provide people with the gift and joy of art and through it be able to not only spend more time doing art and illustration, but be able to provide therapies and treatments to help my son, Sebastian, with the challenges being on the autism spectrum and help other families have the same opportunities. 

As this store grows, I will be adding more items, information and connection to valuable pages, people, programs, etc., that have to do with autism. 

Please stay tuned as I grow it, shop, support us and be patient (this takes time).

Thank you for being here,